People for People is a grassroots organization dedicated to helping the normally self sufficient who experience a temporary crisis in their lives resulting in a financial emergency or need that “Falls through the Cracks” and cannot be funded or serviced by traditional government programs or private charity sources.

Below are just a few examples of the work of People for People…

A disabled man was living in a trailer home in Elk Township Gloucester County that was heated by a single electric heater and the heat from his oven. One very cold night People for People received a call from a neighbor who told us that his electric heater gave out and he was bundled up in several layers of clothing sitting and sleeping in a chair near the oven trying to stay warm. The neighbor had no way of helping herself and was worried about the man because of the cold weather outside and wondered if People for People could help. Members from People for People went to a local hardware store and purchased two electric radiators and went to the man’s home and set them up, one in the living room, and the other in his bedroom. The man was now able to keep warm, and he got to sleep in his own bed for the first time in months. People for People also worked with other agencies and help providers to help improve the man’s situation.

A young mother of three whose youngest had a disabling disease was referred to us by the Make a Wish Foundation. She was in need of a car to transport her ill child back and forth hundreds of miles to a hospital, the only one that specialized in her daughter’s illness. Her current car broke down and could not be repaired. A local car dealership was able to find her a car and reduced the cost so she could afford to pay the monthly payments on her meager income, but she needed a down payment. People for People was able to provide some money toward the down payment and went to other help providers seeking additional funds to increase the size of the down payment to bring her payments down. People for People then arranged with the local Marine Corp League Toys for Tots program to throw a Christmas Party in November for the little girl and her sisters.

People for People was also working at the same time with another family whose youngest was stricken with cancer. The single mother had fallen behind in her utility bills due to loss of time from work caring for the child, and needed help. People for People first provided the funds needed to make her current with her utilities, and then put the family in touch with other organizations that provided financial and counseling help for families with children with cancer which she was not aware of. People for People then invited the family to the Christmas Party in November along with the little girl mentioned above. The Marines came through in a big way, and each family was able to take home car loads of toys for all the children to help give the families some happiness during their trying times.