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CHRISTMAS BINGO: It’s a Ho-Ho-Holy Night

If He Could, St. Nick Would Join the Fun
in the New Holiday Comedy
Christmas Bingo:  It’s a Ho-Ho-Holy NightTruth or fiction: St. Nick was born in Turkey, but moved to America, gained weight, got hooked up with the Coca-Cola company and changed his name to Santa Claus.
If you can figure out the answer, you’re going to love Vicki Quade’s holiday show,
Christmas Bingo: It’s a Ho-Ho-Holy Night                                                                 .

In this interactive comedy, audience members play bingo while also answering questions about Christmas traditions, the origin of St. Nick, where do candy canes come from, miracles in the Bible . . . and the funniest true and false quiz about St. Nick you’ll ever find.Add to that a box of wacky prizes, fun bingo cards, and a lot of Catholic humor.  In this interactive bingo show, you’ll actually play bingo, and still learn a little something about what it means to be Catholic and share the Christmas holidays!

Audiences have loved Vicki Quade’s comedy, Late Nite Catechism, and her latest interactive hit, Bible Bingo: An Act of Charity . . .  in Two Acts.  So it was natural for her to create a new holiday show to meet the demand from schools, churches, and theaters looking for the same tried and true humor!

“I had a delightful evening, it was non-stop laughter,” says audience member Lynne Ansani.  “I was picked to go up on stage and was so nervous but ended up laughing and bonding with the other audience members.  I highly recommend this show.”

Sister Jackie Staub, of the Sisters of St. Joseph, called the show, “Marvelous,” adding, “The humor is plentiful and yet always respectful of religious women.  The audience participation brings an added richness to the show.  I was struck by the fact that there were different religions present and yet all seemed to be enjoying the show immensely!”

You’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll have to be careful watching your bingo cards!

“As the creator of  Late Nite Catechism, Vicki Quade knows a thing or two about what makes a one-person show successful,” — Pioneer Press, Chicago.

Go ahead…. resurrect your social life in this guaranteed night of divine entertainment!
More fun than Sodom and Gomorrah!!
So much fun, you’ll have to confess it!!!